Tuesday, September 18, 2012

♥ Beautiful Morgan's First Birthday Party ♥

So last weekend we finally got to celebrate our little girls First Birthday party. Loads of family and friends came to celebrate this big milestone in our little girls life. I browsed the internet and read up on millions of ideas to make it as special as I possibly could.

the night before we were still wondering how to make some of the ideas i had in mind happen. as it goes, i had to give up on some of them but i could happily replace them with other ideas. a massive thanks to my amazing sister in law for helping me get everything done in time.

so here we go, just a few of my fav pics from the day :) hope you'll enjoy looking at them as much as i still do!

the invitations

the food tags

breakfast for the birthday girl

i love these - the birthday cookies

frame on the gift table, asking everyone to write a birthday wish in her story book

some of the kind birthday wishes

we had 2 pieces of ribbon with photos of the birthday girl, taken every month 

some of the snackies

juice for the little people

yummy juice for the grown ups :)

crowns for the girls

stick on moustaches for the boys

opening some of my gifts

she was loving every second 

can i please open this one next mommy

sharing my birthday cake with my beautiful cousin, nina

nom nom!

special birthday hugs from mommy

passed out in dada's arms after a very long celebration weekend!

thank you fridge magnet mailed to all my family and friends the following week!

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