Thursday, September 13, 2012

♥ Sneak Preview of Morgys 1st Birthday! ♥

the day FINALLY arrived! after spending many hours planning how to celebrate her arrival at my baby shower over a year ago - i got to spend the last few weeks planning my baby girls very first birthday. something that almost drove an amateur party planner like myself, over the brink of excited'ness! 

i've soooo badly wanted to post some of the pics i took while preparing for the festivities, but had to force myself to not do so and to reveal all in what is sure to be my most impressive blog post so far!

i have tonight and tomorrow left to get the last million things i still have to do done - so pleeeeaaase wish me luck! 

i obviously would never dream about leaving you without a little taster, so until we meet again next week, here's 3 of my fav pics so far! 

enjoy! ♥

the invitations
the food tags

birthday cookies

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    Congrats Morgan..