Monday, May 30, 2011

♥ neets amazing bolognese recipe ♥

my husband is a precious gem all by itself, but every now and then he lets a reason to brag out of the bag - like this recipe! he first made this for me after we've only dated for a very short while and today this remains one of my absolute-lick-your-lips-favourites! it's suppose to go on top of macaroni, smothered with cheesy white sauce and extra cheese on top, but i prefer the simple version, served on top of fettucini.

what you'll need...
 ♥250g mushrooms - chopped
 ♥1 onion - chopped
 ♥about 1 kg extra lean mince
 ♥1 packet tomato paste
 ♥1 tin chopped tomato
 ♥1 tbls worcester sauce
 ♥3/5 bottle tomato sauce
 ♥2 tbls sugar
 ♥fresh herbs

what you'll do...
1. fry the mushrooms and onions in a little butter

2. add the mince and cook until its almost done

3. add the packet tomato paste - mix through

4. add the tin chopped tomatos - stir well

5. add the tomato sauce

6. add the worcester sauce

7. add the sugar and herbs and let it cook to perfection!

i'm sure you'll enjoy this as much as we do - time and time again!

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