Wednesday, April 20, 2011

♥ yummy winter snackies to go with yummy winter cuddles ♥

today's probably the first winter day for 2011. i'm sitting at my desk warmly wrapped in my obviously oversized scarf sipping on about my 4th cup of coffee. just as summer reminds me of watermelon and drinks next to the pool, winter comes with its own wants and needs. pancakes with the most amazing fillings, home made hot chocolate and a daily dose of ten times the recommended amount of calories anyone should take in on a daily basis. I love sweet snackies almost as much as i love watchin my hubby devour my sweet home made snackies! BUT being a 17 week preggo comes with its own battles - as much as i'd love to work through all my recipe books and make all the sweet lil things i can lay my hands on - after a day at work, i also find it extremely hard to keep my eyes open past 20h30 - so a recipe that wouldn't require my to stand in front of a stove or oven is exactly my cup of tea - excuse the pun.
a few minutes ago i googled a few recipes for some new information, so without any further adleu, please find below my sweet lil treat for this week!


What You'll Need...
225g butter or marge
1 egg beaten
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
450g icing sugar
1 table spoon cocoa
1 packet marie biscuits

What You'll Do...
1. melt butter over medium heat. mix in egg and stir well.

2. add icing sugar and cocoa and stir into creamy mixture.

3. take off stove and stir in vanilla and biscuit pieces.

4. mix gently to cover biscuits with chocolates.

5. put in greased tin in fridge

im smiling already!

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