Monday, April 18, 2011

♥ a fresh new, vanilla scented, start! ♥

i've had this idea to start my own food blog for some time now, and everytime i think about it i tend to add something to it! not necessarily a bad thing, just a new thing. as mentioned in my intro i love food! as soon as i wake up in the morning, my 1st thoughts are pretty much based around what i'll be putting on the toast that i'll be having with my tea this morning! as soon as i get to work and i'm done with my first batch of e-mails and my second cup of joe i start to peek at my blackberry every other minute to see if a lunch invitation has been extended to me from my gorgeous husband (which if i could, i most def would eat up) this is where my day normally splits up. if 1) i do get that bbm saying: "lunchie?" i smile and i jump in my car to meet him at our fav lunch spot - gourmet - in cape town. if 2) i don't get that bbm and i'm left to find something to numb the cravings - i'll probably have to take on the ever so exciting streets of sea point, cape town. nando's opposite the road, a REALLY questionable cafe below our office, a whole string of indian food shops and fisheries and the odd lil shop with tinted windows that you'll never ever find me in. luckily for me i'm pretty close to the v&a waterfront and luckily for them there's this one lil place that i would die for...... the caviar deli! part of the beluga/sevruga and blonde chain of restaurants - this lil place gives me butterflies just thinking about it..... i love the lil sushi lunch boxes as i call them - perfect size to just grab and enjoy at my desk back at the office OR the chicken roll - that's not the real name, it literally blows my mind every time i have it - no wonder i can't remember the name! a spicy chicken mayo mixture on the most divine roll you'll ever have! do yourself a fav and grab one next time you're in the area.... but it's 16:14 now and probably time for me to start thinking about what i can make for dinner tonight - can't be very complicated and can't take too long - not that i mind, it's just it's monday and that means it's master chef! can't think about anything better than a fabulous plate of food watching a fabulous foodie show with what is undoubtedly the worlds most fabulous husband!

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